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  • Region: Veneto
  • Type: Still White Wine
  • Proof: 12,5/13%
  • Wine Variety: Garganega 80% Trebbiano di Soave 20%
  • Place of production, aging, service temperature: In the area of Mezzane and Val d'Illasi 200 MASL. Aged in stainless steel. Service temperature: 10-12 degrees.
  • Uniqueness: The elegant, deep, intense nose and the strength of fruity notes.
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A line of Garganega
Historical notes

Trebbiano and Garganega

It is an important white wine present in the province of Verona, composed of two ancient native vine varieties of the area: the Garganega (main vine variety of the Soave DOC and the privince of Verona) and the Trebbiano di Soave. The Garganega is named by Pier de 'Crescenzi in his treatise of 1200. Earlier it was used by Romans and Etruscans with typical cultivation in Pergola. It could also have distant relations with the Sardinian Nuragus, the Glera (prosecco) and the southern Grecanico. Trebbiano di Soave is a white grape variety typical of the Soave DOC area. It is used to make the best Soave (up to 20% as in our wine) improving its ease of drinking through a perfect integration with Garganega. The clone present in Lugana is called Trebbiano di Lugana or Turbiana. The Trebbiano di Soave has been present since the sixteenth century for the production of excellent wines from Lombardy. According to someone, it has relationships with the Verdicchio or the Alsatian pinot blanc because of the vague hint of Mandarin. It is a totally different vine variety from the Tuscan trebbiano (more woody) that, due to its greater ease of cultivation, is often preferred to Trebbiano di Soave. Today there are just few Soave vinified with only Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave.

Native stories

A moment of grace

We spend a foggy and wet January day in Mestre for work and we stop for the night. At 8.30 pm we do not want to retire to our room to sleep or even dine in the glittering and disturbing restaurant of the hotel. For this reason, we take a taxi and go to Piazzale Roma, in Venice. There, in the thickest fog that makes Venice magical, we walk passing through alleys and bridges without looking at the time in a vague dimension that doesn't make us feel the appetite that, at the end arrives, once we reach the bottom of Riva degli Schiavoni. We look around and in a small canal we find a restaurant warmly lit by a fireplace, that seems to have remained in the fifties. After the fragrant sardines, the host offers us a perfectly natural and fragrant spider crab. We combine everything with Soave Latium Morini and understand, in a very intimate way, the simple but irreplaceable value of a moment of grace. 

The Territory

Mezzane and Illasi

In the area of Mezzane and Val d'Illasi 200 MASL.

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