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  • Region: Veneto
  • Type: Still White Wine
  • Proof: 13,5-14%
  • Wine Variety: Traminer 100%
  • Place of production, aging, service temperature: "Campo di Pietra" in the Piave Basin south-east of Treviso. Aged in stainless steel. Service temp. 8-10 degrees.
  • Uniqueness: The aromaticity, typical of Traminer, the elegance and the not excessive alcoholic content, make it strong but pleasant to drink.
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Immagine di un grappolo di Traminer Aromatico
Historical notes

An aromatic with a unique flavor

It comes from the strain cultivated in Termeno (“tramin” in dialect). For this reason it seems to have taken its name from the word "aromatic" (gewurz) and finally "Gewurtztraminer" because it is one of the 4 Italian aromatic vine varieties. In someone's opinion, it has French origins (alsace, palatinato or jura) and seems to have similarities with  the black grape Traminer which in France belongs to the Savagnin. But the similarity between the Aromatic and the black grape-based Traminer falls on the aromatic notes completely absent in the second one and, instead, the typical characteristic of the Aromatic Traminer. Whatever origin it has, the genetic mutation has made the Traminer unique for its aromaticity. The Traminer IGT of Molon is located in the Treviso area of the Piave and represents the territorial evolution of the vine variety from South Tyrol.

Native stories

A small moment of happiness

A boring Saturday you are working at home. The only consolation is that you have a Traminer for dinner. Then the surprise: your wife, preceded by a magnificent fragrance from the kitchen, without knowing of your wine, has prepared spaghetti with fresh tomatoes with squids and shrimps. The surprise turns into a small moment of happiness, perfectly combined with your Traminer Molon.

The Territory

South east of Treviso

"Campo di Pietra" in the Piave Basin south-east of Treviso.

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