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Incrocio Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13 IGT Carmina

  • Region: Veneto
  • Type: Still White Wine
  • Proof: 12,5/13%
  • Wine Variety: Incrocio Manzoni 100%
  • Place of production, aging, service temperature: Hills of Conegliano Veneto. Aged in stainless steel. Serving temperature 8-10 degrees.
  • Uniqueness: In the country with the highest number of native vine varieties, the peculiarity is that it has been built through a crossing (pinot bianco and riesling renano) which determined a new native wine on the Italian national territory.
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Luigi Manzoni
Historical notes

Autochthonous crossing

It is the result of the work of prof. Luigi Manzoni, headmaster of the oenology school of Conegliano from the 30s to the 50s, who obtained this wine from the crossing between the Rhine Riesling and the pinot bianco (although in someone's opinion, instead of the pinot bianco it was used, entirely or in part , Chardonnay). This crossing, called IM 6.0.13, or simply Manzoni or manzoni bianco, has in fact created a native vine variety of the province of Treviso. It is vinified both in purity and in assembly with other vine varieties above all for the good dose of acidity that it can bring. For this reason, in addition to Veneto, it is often present in many areas of the peninsula (Friuli, Trentino, Sicily).

Native stories

Oysters on sale and Manzoni Bianco

An evening in February, during a quick shopping at the supermarket, passing by the fish counter decide to buy a pack of 12 Belon oysters on sale. Back home, you switch off the phone, put in the old stereo a CD of the Goldberg variations of Bach for strings and clavincembalo and, slowly, you open and taste one by one your oysters matched with the Manzoni 6.03.13.

The Territory

A magnificent landscape

Produced in the hills of Conegliano Veneto.

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