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  • Region: Toscana
  • Type: Still White Wine
  • Proof: 13,5/14%
  • Wine Variety: 100% Vernaccia di San Giminiano
  • Place of production, aging, service temperature: Produced in the vineyards in the land surrounding the Municipality of San Gimignano. Aged in stainless steel. Service temperature: 10/12 degrees.
  • Uniqueness: Produced only in San Gimignano, the vine variety and the wine have always remained stable in San Gimignano and they should not be confused with other italian Vernacce.
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Portrait of Paolo III Pope
Historical notes

It is a "pity" that they do not produce enough

It is an ancient wine with probable Etruscan or Roman origins. It seems that the production started around 1200 by a certain Vieri De 'Bardi, and it was the same version of today. In 1276 it was formally cited in the set of rules of the San Gimignano duty, whose trade was flourishing. It was widely quoted by Dante Lacerezio, the bottle-holder of Pope Paul 3rd who, in a letter of order to the Municipality of San Giminiano of 80 flagons and complaining about the difficulty of finding it, wrote: "... it is a perfect noble drink and it is a great pity that this place does not produce it so much ...". Repeatedly celebrated also by the poet Francesco Redi. It has been present among the wines at the sumptuous Medici-Rucellai wedding and will later become present during the meals of Lorenzo the Magnificent, all proven by the continuous orders that he sent to the Municipality of San Gimignano. The name has various origins: from the Latin "Vernaculum" which means "of a certain place"; for the Poet Marco Lucidi can always derive from the Latin "Verno" for the cold winter temperature in San Gimignano; or finally from Vernazza, place of the 5 Terre in Liguria, where since the Middle Ages a wine of the same name has been produced (different from Vernaccia di San Gimignano, hypothesis subsequently set aside).

Native stories

Soaking in the pool

In mid-June, you decide to spend a weekend in Borgo Tollena, in San Giminiano. It's a sunny but pleasant Saturday afternoon: there is a light breeze that moves the wheat behind the farmhouse, in the background the walls and towers of the ancient village. There, you spend hours of leisure in the garden of pool, looking at the vineyards of Sangiovese and Vernaccia in full fruit set-up phase. At about 19, under the sun with your eyes closed, dived in the warm pool, you are called by the owner of the estate. With elegance, she offers you a fresh bottle of Vernaccia di San Giminiano and a large plate with warm Tuscan bread and 4 small bowls with different oils and soft butter. In this way, dived in warm water, you taste your Vernaccia that is always perfectly combined with the different oils on the hot bread and, under the sun, you are cradled till the next sunset in an unreal silence, accompanied only by the last cicadas of the day. 

The Territory

Near the ancient village

Strictly the territory of San Gimignano in the province of Siena.

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