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  • Region: Piemonte
  • Type: Dry White Wine
  • Proof: 11/11,5%
  • Wine Variety: 100% Favorita
  • Place of production, aging, service temperature: Hills near S. Stefano Belbo, Cossano Belbo, Camo. Aging in stainless steel. Service Temperature: 8-10 degrees. UNIQUENESS: Elegance, gentle flavor and initial vivacity that fades in a few seconds.
  • Uniqueness: Elegance, gentle flavor and initial vivacity that fades in a few seconds.
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Vittorio Emanuele II, King of Italy
Historical notes

The King's favorite white wine

An ancient wine that has been present for centuries in Roero and today, with the name of Langhe DOC, also in Asti, in Alessandria and in the Langhe. The origin of the name is uncertain. According to someone, the vine variety was "favored" both as table grapes and for the production of wines. Others claim it was Vittorio Emanuele II's favorite white wine. The first official citations have been found in the end of the seventeenth century, in 1676 in the cellar books of the Counts Roero of Vezza and Guarene and are then found throughout the 18th century. It was gradually replaced by the Arneis and the international Chardonnay. There are some winemakers who consider Favorita part of the Vermentini family and Pigato. It is also called by the Roero's farmers "Furmentin". 

Native stories

A Royal recipe

It's Sunday, you find out that you have at home two bottles of Favorita. Now you have to choose something to combine with them. You remember the origin of its name: it probably derives from being the "favorite" of Vittorio Emanuele II. At this point, you take the old publication of "The King's Table" from the library and, under the heading "Savoy" you look for a "royal recipe" that can be combined with Favorita. You read "mullets and prawns supreme with the addition of raw oysters". You run to the nearest market, you get the necessary and, for the evening, you go back in time to Stupinigi.

The Territory

Vermentino or not vermentino?

Roero, Langhe, Alessandrino and Asti. For those who consider Favorita part of the Vermentini and Pigati family, Favorita is also present in Liguria, Tuscany, Sardinia, Corsica and Southern France.

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