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  • Region: Marche
  • Type: Still white wine
  • Proof: 13/14%
  • Wine Variety: 100% Pecorino
  • Place of production, aging, service temperature: Obtained from the vineyards near Offida. Aged 4/6 months, stainless steel and 12 months in bottles. Service Temp. 8/10%
  • Uniqueness: Elegant and fresh wine with clear citrus and fresh sage references.
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The Cocci and Grifoni's estate
Historical notes

"Very cool" white marchigiano

It is a very ancient autochthonous vine variety of the Marche probably developed over the centuries in the Sibylline Mountains. It has always guaranteed good productivity but during the first part of the 20th century it was confined to the Arcuate valley in favour of more productive vines. In the 80s, he came back to Offida nell'Ascolano, under the pressure of the producer Cocci Grifoni. It has always been known with many synonyms, some of territorial derivation, such as Pecorina, Arquatanella and Aquitano, with reference to the flourishing pastoral activity in the places of production, such as Pecorina grape and grape of Pecore. In Tuscany it is also known as Dolcipappola. Nowadays Pecorino, both from the Marches and the Abruzzese, has become a very fashionable wine, above all for its overall pleasantness.

Native stories

"Work, work, work ... I prefer the sound of the sea ..."

In November, you go to Ascoli Piceno for work. At breakfast, thanks to a hot day, decide to have lunch on the seafront of San Benedetto del Tronto. Discover with surprise that there are still establishments open with people sunbathing. The place where you stop is elegant and directly on the beach. Order a plate of classic spaghetti with clams, delicious, which are preceded by greedy olives all'ascolana along with a couple of glasses of Pecorino. The combination, harmonious and of great pleasure, is enhanced by the warm weather and light surf of the Adriatic Sea that is two steps away from you. After coffee and preferring for the long journey back, you take a walk and smile in front of the sculpture of St. Benedict that reads: "work, work, work ... I prefer the sound of the sea ...".

The Territory

Widespread in the Adriatic side and in the Tyrrhenian one

Ascoli Piceno, in Offida, and Fermo. It was then developed in Macerata and throughout the Abruzzo region. Good production in Lazio and marginal in Umbria, Tuscany and Liguria.

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