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  • Region: Campania
  • Type: Still white wine
  • Proof: 13/13,5%
  • Wine Variety: 100%Fiano
  • Place of production, aging, service temperature: From vineyards located in the Sannio Benevento area in a hilly area. Maturation and aging in stainless steel. Service Temp. 12/14 Degrees.
  • Uniqueness: Elegant wine
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Antique portrait of Frederick II of Swabia
Historical notes

Federico's passion

The Fiano is part of that category of great wines from Campania and the South with a long history that does not have certain origins, despite being proven its existence over many centuries. It certainly arrives in Italy in the pre-Roman period, presumably with various strains of Greek colonists. The assumptions about its origins are varied. However, we already talk about Fiano in the thirteenth century based on an order of Frederick II, the purchase of Greco, Grecisco and Fiano. Another witness, always in the same period, concerns another order, by the King of Naples Carlo d 'Angiò, to his Commissioner De' Fisoni, to find 16,000 Fiano vines to be allocated, in Manfredonia, to the king's vine. Testimonies and documentation of the name come up to our days even if rarely we talk about the true historical synonyms. Perhaps the oldest is Latin (also Latina Bianca or Uva Latina), but in the past it has created a lot of confusion with some of the vines that belong to the Greco family. For some there is also a similarity with the Uva Sofia Lucana, but it is a simple hypothesis while Fiano Minutolo, or simply Minutolo, has now established that it is genetically different from Fiano. Today Fiano expresses the highest quality in Campania in Avellino, in Benevento and in Salerno.

Native stories

An Italian Saturday

You are in Puglia in January and pass through Savelletri. It's a Saturday and the day is beautiful, it seems like summer. Park your car and decide to take a walk with your partner on the beach. After a while, you walk barefoot in silence, beside a calm and blinding sea. See a shack on the edge of the beach that seems busy and in awe discover that delicious freshly caught fish dishes are sold. You're astonished by the sea urchins that the owner of the shack offers you with some bread cut in frog and heated. An absolute delicacy. So, you think that a glass of Fiano would be perfect. The host untaps a wonderful bottle of Fiano Beneventano that, with the delights you are eating and the unexpected sun on your skin, make your day unique. 

The Territory

Irpinia, Benevento and surroundings

In Campania (from Avellino and above all Irpinia, Benevento and Salerno), Puglia and in the provinces of Macerata, Ancona, Ascoli Piceno, Potenza.

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