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  • Region: Campania
  • Type: Still white wine
  • Proof: 12%
  • Wine Variety: 90% Forastera; 10% Biancolella
  • Place of production, aging, service temperature: Vineyards in the towns of Chignole, Cuotto and Toppo of the Municipality of Forìo di Montecorvo on the island of Ischia. Vinified in stainless steel and refined on the lees for 2 months. The wine is not clarified. Service Temperature 8/10 Degrees.
  • Uniqueness: It is the most mysterious Ischitan native wine because its origins are not known with certainty. It has a strictly island production characterized by high-quality production.
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Photo of Forìo d'Ischia
Historical notes

The foreign vine variety

The Forastera vine variety has a history that is certainly ancient, but its origins are certainly not known. This is why it appears mysterious. We begin to talk about this vine variety for the first time in the second half of the 800 when there are the first documents that talk about a Forastera vine in the province of Naples, and in particular in some municipalities of Ischia and a Forastiera in Grumello del Monte , in the province of Bergamo, but without explaining whether it is the same grape or a simple assonance in the name. The Forastera seems to have been introduced to Ischia, then becoming elective land, just at the beginning of the nineteenth century to counter the effects of Phylloxera which had decimated the most well-known and rooted Biancolella. La Forastera resulted and is, in fact, more resistant to the parasite. For this reason, of sudden arrival on the Island, the name could derive from "foreign vine variety". La Forastera, although more resistant to Phylloxera, is still a more complex and unstable vine variety to grow and in fact lives in a marginal key with the best known and stable Biancolella. Vinified in purity, it gives life to the Forastera DOC, while it is assembled with other vines (the Biancolella) to give life to the Bianco of Ischia.

Native stories

The heart of true Made in Italy

Organize a tasting of native Italian wines with a group of Australian friends. You choose the Campania of the sea with wines from Ischia and the Amalfi Coast. All wines are appreciated, fragrant and sunny, but Forastera is the most popular for its mysterious history, delicacy and kind minerality. What strikes your guests, beyond the pleasantness of the wine and the mysterious history, is the narration of the island production difficulties, of the creativity to confront with a beautiful and impervious territory, of the will of man to keep ancient traditions alive while safeguarding the typicality and biodiversity of the territory while maintaining high levels of quality. In short, you realize that your guests are attracted by the uniqueness and exclusivity of this wine induced by their own history and by the non-standard features. They feel satisfied not only because they drunk a pleasant wine but also because they made a little journey of knowledge in a non-repeatable world.

The Territory

The native of Forio

On the Island of Ischia, in particular in the Municipality of Forìo, of which it is considered a native vine. It is also found in Procida and very marginally, in various areas of Campania and Sardinia, probably exported in the '900 along with Biancolella.

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