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Greco del Sannio "Janare" - DOP La Guardiense

  • Region: Campania
  • Type: Still, white wine
  • Proof: 12,5/13,5%
  • Wine Variety: 100% Greco
  • Place of production, aging, service temperature: From vineyards located in the Sannio. Maturation and aging in stainless steel. Service temperature 10/12 Degrees.
  • Uniqueness: This Greco is particularly valuable because it is complex to produce, especially for the following reasons: low fertility, limited production, medium-late maturation, sensitivity to mould (especially to Botrite) during the harvesting period.
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Statue of Cato
Historical notes

A Family Vine variety

It is an autochthonous vine, especially Campano, with an ancient and complex history. It is difficult to hypothesise a precise origin, but it can be included among those valuable vines imported into Campania from the Greek colonists coming from Thessaly, perhaps from the city of Aminaios. For the shape of its clusters, which often seem double, there are those who believe (especially the Colucci) that Greco is similar to the vines "Aminae Gemelle", brought to Campania by the Greek colonists about 2000 years ago and also cultivated by the Romans. There are quotations from Cato, Varrone, Virgilio, Colummella and Pliny the Elder. The truth is that from Virgil to our days there is a great confusion in the classification and reconstruction of the history of the Greek for the fact that under the Greek name, in fact, we find many vine variety that differ from one another only to the places of provenance presenting, among them, also marked differences. We can therefore speak perhaps of a family grape variety. There are no true synonyms of the Greek, except the Greco Bianco or Greco di Gerace, which identifies a Calabrian vine variety that has different genetic characteristics from the other Greco. Sometimes in the course of history, "Greco" wines of different origins have been defined, as well as foreign ones, to promote different vines, as happened during the Republic of Venice or in other parts of Italy. So today there are no true synonyms of Greco but only the territorial origin. Among the best known we have the Greco of Naples, of Torre, of Vesuvio, of Somma in Naples, Grieco, of Tufo in Avellino, of the Sannio.

Native stories

"Mystic Fried"

Sunday evening in November, it is damp and a bit of fog outside. After writing all day, decide to reward yourself with something that reminds you of the heat and the sea. You get dressed quickly and you throw yourself into a small surprising place for the freshest fish dishes and for wonderful frying. After a mussel sauté, you "shoot" a wonderful fry of squid, prawns and fish fragaglia. A true show enhanced by the elegance of the Greco del Sannio that you drink with its perfume; the soothing alcoholic note and the dry softness. And that's how, at least for one night, you can feel the thread of summer that never give up in your soul.

The Territory

From the Campi Flegrei to the Spezzino archipelago

All of Campania (Vesuvius, Campi Flegrei, Avellinese and Beneventano, Sorrento Peninsula and Capri) and then in the provinces of Bari, Brindisi, Foggia, Taranto, Campobasso, Latina, Viterbo, Grosseto, Lucca, Massa-Carrara, La Spezia.

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