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  • Region: Trentino Alto Adige
  • Type: Still white wine (aromatic)
  • Proof: 13,5/15%
  • Wine Variety: Schiava 90%; Lagrein 10%
  • Place of production, aging, service temperature: Produced in South Tyrol around Bolzano. Aging in stainless steel. Service Temp. 8-10 degrees.
  • Uniqueness: The typical and evident aromaticity, the unmistakable fruity note of Litchi, the undoubted elegance.
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Photograph of Tramin rows
Historical notes

The jewel of Termeno

It is cultivated in Termeno (Tramin in dialect) since ancient times. For this reason, it seems to have taken its name with the aromatic wording (Gewurz), so Gewurtztraminer. It is one of the 4 Italian aromatic vines (Gewurztraminer, Moscati, Brachetti and Malvasie). There is a close correlation between Termeno and this vine that differs from all the others cultivated here for hundreds of years. For some researchers it has distant French origins (Alsace, Palatinate or Jura) and seems to have similarities with the black berry Traminer which in France belongs to the Savagnin family. But the resemblance between the Aromatic and the Black Berry Traminer falls on the aromatic notes that are completely absent in the black berry and instead are the typical characteristic of the Aromatic Traminer. Regardless of origin this wine had, is derived from a genetic mutation that has made the Aromatic Traminer unique for its aromaticity.

Native stories

Stellar friendships

Imagine being friends with a stellar Chef, who loves you, because you can understand his talent through your curious gluttony. You are therefore perfect to be a tester of his creations. One evening, after you have ordered your Gewurztraminer, your friend matches it to a foie gras escalope with red prawns of San Remo and mandarin sorbet. You will thus have a precious moment of happiness.

The Territory

Beyond the national borders

All South Tyrol especially the central area of Termeno and that of Sella / Sohl plus all the hills of Bolzano. It is also present in Trentino, and more concentrated in Friuli. It is also found in Veneto, in the areas of Treviso and, to a limited extent, in the cold hills of Molise. Very widespread also abroad in all central Europe with mention for France and Alsace in the lead.

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