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  • Region: Sicilia
  • Type: Still Red Wine
  • Proof: 13,5%
  • Wine Variety: 100% Syrah
  • Place of production, aging, service temperature: Production from clayey / calcareous soils in Mazara del Vallo (TP). Aging in steel for 3/4 months and in bottle for a further 3/4 months. Service Temp. 17/18 Degrees.
  • Uniqueness: Soft and elegant wine with peculiar spicy hints in particular of black pepper and white pepper even without a prolonged refinement.
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Persian city of Syrahz
Historical notes

From Persia to Sicily

Syrah is a vine variety with ancient and debated origins. Someone thinks that it takes its name from the Persian town of Shyraz (nowadays Iran) where it would have been developed more than 5,000 years ago. Others, however, affirm that the name seems to originate from the city of Syracuse. Another hypothesis is that the vine variety would have come to Sicily from the city of Arethusa, in Egypt, and then to be transferred to Gaul by the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus. The vine variety would then have stopped in Sicily for such a long time that it gave its name to the region and especially to the area of Syracuse with various names like the current Syrah, Shiraz or Syrach. Recent genetic analyzes have found some similarities with the vine varietes of Trentino Teroldego and Alto Adige Lagrein, which could let people think about an arrival in Northern Europe from N / E. The result of this suggestive and controversial is that the vine variety influenced the Sicilian territory from ages. Therefore, according to our philosophy of evaluation of autochthonous wines (closely related for a long time in some territories) Syrah can be considered a native vine variety because of its proven and ancient presence in Sicily.

Native stories

Perfect combination: flavor and exaltation

A 10-days holiday on the sailboat: you rent a boat in Cagliari and, with the help of a good northwest wind, you decide to head to the Egadi Islands in Sicily. The journey isn't brief and it lasts from 8 am till about 1 pm of the next day. After spending a day and a night surrounded by spectacular colors, guided by a powerful but gentle wind, you happily arrive there. Nearly arrived at Marettimo, you can decide to change destination and head towards Levanzo, amazing and the least crowded of the Egadi Isles. You get there tired, covered with the sea salt and dazed by the pleasure of the natural elements, but also hungry and, putting off a quiet dinner late in the evening, just out of the wonderful port, get on the ground and at a tiny grocery shop, buy a tray of “cabbucci” from Levanzo with tuna, tomatoes, peppers and vegetables for the whole crew and take it still hot on board. You combine them with a Syrah of Assuli that you have in the pantry, finding a perfect combination both in the flavors and in the local extraction, as the wine is from Mazara del Vallo. The pure pleasure that you taste quietly with your friends connected by a sense of saltiness which Syrah covers with its fruity and spicy notes.

The Territory

Production centered in Sicily. 

In Italy it is present all over Sicily, but you can find it then in the southeast of Rome, in the Pontine Marshes, thanks to the drive of an enlightened producer who has recently decided to launch the high quality production. You can also find it in Tuscany, in the Cortona area and, finally, it has also been recognised as DOC in Piedmont. In conclusion, we can say that the greatest part of the production is located in Sicily. It  is cultivated almost all over the world, but it reaches particular quality levels in France in the Rhone Valley (especially in the Cote Rotie, Hermitage, Chateneuf - du - Pape, Saint Joseph, Ardeche) and in the S / SW part of the Cote de Nive. It can also be found in great quality and quantity even in Australia, South Africa and California, under the name of Shiraz.

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