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  • Region: Campania
  • Type: Still, red wine
  • Proof: 12%
  • Wine Variety: 50% Guarnaccia , 50% Piedirosso
  • Place of production, aging, service temperature: Coming from vines on the estate at the Municipality of Forio on the island of Ischia. Fermentation in stainless steel and bottling the following February the vinification. Service temperature16/18 degrees.
  • Uniqueness: Red wine typical expression of the Ischitana production of the Guarnaccia vine variety
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A glimpse of the vines of the Forio of Ischia area
Historical notes

Stories of the sea, wines and travelers

Tifeo is composed of 50% of Piedirosso vine variety and 50% of Guarnaccia . It has an ancient and mysterious history since it has never been possible to find a certain origin. It is known that it has always been present on the island of Ischia and as such makes it an entirely native island vine variety. Some researchers given the assonance of the name (and some synonyms such as Uarnaccia, Guernaccia, Cannamelu etc.) have thought of a source with the Spanish Tint and the French Grenache family but, in the end, they have never managed to prove a certain scientific correlation. Others, in a more general sense, hypothesize that the vine variety arrived with the Greek colonists in VII B.C. since, apart from the strong concentration on Ischia and the Neapolitan coastline, it has also been found in the Tyrrhenian and central Calabria of the north. In the light of these experiences, which today lack evidence based on genetic analysis, other researchers tend to consider Guarnaccia to be an entirely native Italian vine (with strong assonances with the Sardinian Cannonau) and with characteristics that are typical of the island of Ischia. Guarnaccia is rarely vinified in purity but is assembled with other wines and in particular with the Piedirosso which bears consistency and alcohol.

Native stories

The infinite charm and the kind host

You are in Naples for work and, on Friday you decide to move the departure on Sunday morning to spend a special weekend in Ischia. The idea is to dedicate part of the Saturday to trekking in the Wood of Zaro starting from Forìo of Ischia. It is an amazing experience: one of the most beautiful views of Ischia and the world. In the early afternoon, just beyond the Dovecote that belonged to Luchino Visconti, walk a little further, and when you reach the beach of San Montano in the town of Lacco Ameno, realize you're hungry. You stop in a small restaurant with wonderful view and a kind  host that, without asking anything, put a bottle of Guarnaccia on your table. you let the host decide what to eat. He brings appetizers to rabbit salami, pasta with fava beans and chicken and sausage with oven-baked potatoes. The wine is perfect for this experience of rustic beauty in one of the most fascinating islands of the world.

The Territory

The island and the surroundings

Essentially Ischia vine variety and with a good presence also in the area of the Neapolitan littoral. It can also be found in northern Calabria. It is part of the DOC Rosso Ischia in assembly with Piedirosso.

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