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PRIMITIVO DI MANDURIA “DOP” Produttori Vini di Manduria

  • Region: Puglia
  • Type: Vino Rosso Fermo - Affinamento di 10 mesi sempre in Tonneaux di Rovere Francese da 350 litri.
  • Proof: 14%
  • Wine Variety: 100% Primitivo
  • Place of production, aging, service temperature: Vine varieties cultivated in Manduria (Taranto). Short passage in French wooden Allier barriques and passage in large barrels for about 9 months. Service temperature 18/20 degrees.
  • Uniqueness: Elegance, Agreeableness and Balance. Despite being a powerful wine in all its characteristics (color, consistency, alcohol, perfumes, persistence, etc.), it always presents an enviable proportion between all its well-defined sensory components.
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Don Filippo Francesco Indellicati (sacerdote primicerio)
Historical notes

“The unripe wine of Manduria” 

“Primitivo” of Manduria is one of the oldest vine varietes in Italy and it has very controversial origins: according to someone it was introduced in Puglia by Greek colonists, for others by Illyrians or by Phoenician merchants or even by Benedictine friars. Other hypotheses place the origin of the vine varieties in Dalmatia, following the discovery of a genetic relationship between Primitivo and two Dalmatian vine varieties: Plavina and Plavac Mali. It has been proved that its presence in the territory of Apulia dates back to many centuries ago. The most famous proof is the one of Don Filippo Indellicati, who discovered it at the end of 8th Century in Gioia del Colle and extended it to the rest of Apulia. It developed mainly in Salento and then in the area of Taranto. About the origin of the name there is a certain harmony of thought: it derives from the early maturation of the grapes, which are often ready for harvest in the first two weeks of September.

Native stories

Dinner Between Friends 

Two friends decide to meet in a famous winehouse in Milan to spend some time togethere. They want a powerful wine, alcoholic but gentle and the host recommends a Primitivo of Manduria aged in wood. Then they choose a cheese platter. In this way, they spend a very pleasant evening out of the time, that restores them and renewing in them the sense of true friendship. 

The Territory

Apulia and Surroundings 

It is present mainly in Apulia: in the area of Taranto, in Manduria; in Gioia del Colle and in the territory around Brindisi. It can be found, apart from the Dalmatian and Californian counterparts, also in some Italian regions bordering Apulia such as Abruzzo, Molise and Basilicata.

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