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Ciliegiolo Maremma Toscana DOC "Alpan" Mocali

  • Region: Toscana
  • Type: Still red wine
  • Proof: 13/13,5%
  • Wine Variety: 100% Ciliegiolo
  • Place of production, aging, service temperature: Produced in various vineyards in the southern Maremma and bottled in Montalcino (Siena). Fermentation in steel and aging of 4 months in steel, too. Service temperature 16/18 degrees.
  • Uniqueness: It is characterized by the scent of Cherry. Ciliegiolo Alpan has the particularity of being bottled in Montalcino, where the owner of the cellars produces a magnificent Brunello di Montalcino and a fine Rosso di Montalcino.
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Raffigurazione dei pellegrini durante il Cammino di Santiago de Compostela
Historical notes

The return from the pilgrimage

Ciliegiolo is a wine of ancient race, even if the most long-lived testimonies were handed down only orally. There is a hypothesis, not confirmed, for which the Ciliegiolo may have been brought to Tuscany around 1870 by pilgrims returning from the Way of St James. It takes its name from the typical Cherry scent. Ciliegiolo, which has been hypothesized to be the same lineage of Aglianico, is directly connected to the Sangiovese family, even if there is no certain information on which one of the two was born before. It is normally is mixed with other wines, such as Chianti, but also in purity, especially in the Maremma area, with excellent quality productions.

Native stories

The barbecue of the last vacation day

You are on a sailing boat with a group of friends in the Tuscan Archipelago . The last day you stop in Cala Violina and for the last dinner you finally decide to use the grill, special equipment of the boat. You prepare a mixture of meat skewers, but also fish and vegetables ones. You combined them with the last 4 bottles of Ciliegiolo in purity that as a sincere friend, with a beautiful full moon and the light undertow of the bay, which will make your last night magical.

The Territory

Lucca and Chianti

The whole Maremma, Lucca and Chianti. In Tuscany we find it also in Montecarlo and in Val di Cornia. It can be also found in Liguria, Umbria and very little in Puglia.

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