The advantages for our customers

Through VinoNativo our customers can:

  • Create an exclusive and distinctive culture based on unique and unusual wines and vine varieties, expression of specific territories.
  • Take advantage of the work of indexing and harmonization of information on vine varieties and native wines, building their own original wine culture.
  • Discover unkwown wine cellars.
  • Contribute to safeguarding and developing the territory, choosing to give value to biodiversity excellence.
  • Buy on fair terms.

Our method

Using the VinoNativo method our customers can learn in a simple and intuitive way:

  • The history of the vine varieties and the wines, the men and the anecdotes, the curiosities and the gossip that have accompanied them throughout the centuries up to the present day.
  • The territories of reference, their history and peculiarities.
  • The main technical notes, the combinations and some "stories of life lived".
  • The sensorial analysis, which VinoNativo has carried out on every single proposed wine, made available with a rigorous and standardized structure (AIS model - Italian Sommelier Association) that allows an effective learning over time.

The native vine variety

The term "autochthonous" is ancient and controversial. In general, for autochthonous we should mean a vine variety or wine that originates in a specific territory and does not change over time. However, this definition is too restrictive because historical and environmental events and developments must take account of the flow of events.

For these reasons we define the native vine varieties and wines as Nativi, including in this way, besides the geographical and environmental location, a long historical route characterized by the intervention of man.